About Chef Sally Owens

As many of you may know, my journey into veganism wasn't all rainbows.. In fact, quite the opposite. It all started when I came into this world- I was diagnosed with life threatening allergies to all dairy products. At that time food allergies were not so prevalent so my parents worried. They searched for answers, information, assistance, anything! After much heartache and worry they finally took it into their own hands, it was time to make a difference. From then on meals were monitored. Every bite taken was essentially a risk. Would Sally have an "itchy mouth" then later wind up in the ER?  Finally after many "close calls" I decided to see how I could better my life by choosing a path to heath and nutrition. In 2009 I graduated The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and in 2010 The Natural Gourmet Institute to hone my cooking skills. Through this pivotal journey it became clear that life is so precious and we should respect our bodies and all we put into it. At this juncture, I aslo realized that I could help people. Not only can I council them and their families, I can do even better- I can cook for them and open their eyes to an entirely new world of food.

The brightest discovery for me was the path of veganism. By giving up eating all animal products I was allowing myself to be free of all that traumatized me about the meat and dairy industries. I am a proud vegan with much to offer and enlighten. Through my unique and gourmet food, you too may be enlightened. Any thoughts, similar journeys, comments and inspiration are most welcome.


Tastefully yours,